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How to Store and Preserve Silk Scarves?

In addition to adding elegance and class to your outfit, silk scarves are luxurious, making them a valuable accessory to have that appreciates over time. However, this can only happen if you take care of your scarves.

Unfortunately, many people still do not know how to properly maintain high-end silk scarves. Due to their fragility, you must protect them to make them last longer. But how do you do that? Do you leave them on a hanger? Should you hand wash them?

In this article, I offer advice so that you can protect your favorite accessories. Here are some tips to know for storing and preserving your beautiful silk accessories.

Tip #1: Avoid using a hanger to store your silk scarves

A common misconception about storing scarves is that a hanger would suffice. Unfortunately, this is not the case for large silk scarves. Metal hangers can leave creases on your silk scarves, and when you use clips to secure them, you damage them even more.

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That being said, it is better to gently fold your scarves and place them in a drawer. In addition to avoiding creases and dust, you allow your scarves to breathe, preserving their elegance and appeal.

Tip #2: Keep them away from perfume

Besides dust, heat, and sunlight, another great enemy of silk scarves is perfume. When you are going to wear your silk scarf, make sure not to spray perfume on your neck or directly on your scarf.

Indeed, the oils and chemicals in your perfume can stain and damage your delicate scarf. Instead of spraying perfume on your neck, it is better to apply perfumes behind your ears, your wrists, or anywhere far from your scarf.

Tip #3: Have your silk scarves professionally cleaned

Many think that cleaning their scarves themselves is the best option. While you can do it with the right tools and methods, it is recommended to use professionals.

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Dry cleaners will know how to handle silk, making sure they do not press too hard and using the right tools and products. Most scarves are damaged by washing, so it is best to rely on reliable dry cleaners.

Tip #4: Choose the right method for ironing your silk scarves

If you plan to use a traditional iron to iron your scarves, remember to set it to a gentle heat. When you start ironing, make sure to iron your scarf inside out and have clean fine cotton between the iron and the scarf to eliminate burns.

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But if you have a handheld steamer, it is better to use it instead, but you just need to remember to keep moving to avoid burning the fabric. After that, let your silk scarf cool down before folding and storing it.

The bottom line: with the right maintenance and storage methods, you will preserve your silk scarves

Silk is tricky to handle, but if you pay attention to your storage and preservation techniques, you will be happy to have your scarves for a long time.

When you buy high-quality silk scarves from the right brands like Le Comptoir des Écharpes, you can ensure that your storage and maintenance efforts will not be in vain.

Where can I buy high-quality silk scarves?

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